About Us

Charity’s Place was created in 2019, to assist and provide adults experiencing or diagnosed with mental health, intellectual and or developmental disabilities with various levels of assistance, to ensure each individual has the capability to be successful in their communities.
Charity’s Place is committed to ensuring, every individual and family affected by mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities in Southern Nevada and bordering states, will have access to proper support services, information, advocacy, and skills needed to develop independence.

Our Philosophy

Charity’s Place believe every individual deserves the opportunity to reach their heights, through our services and continued support through our care and assistance.
Charity’s Place strive to ensue nurturing relationships, through growth, understanding and motivation.
Charity’s Place believes in the power of personal choice and decision making. Individuals have the right to participate in selecting their own services and assist with their individual service plan creation.
Charity’s Place trust and believe in having partnerships to yield the most effective outcomes for the individuals Charity’s Place service, by sharing mutual respect for all partners involved.
Charity’s Place will ensure quality service is rendered daily.
Charity’s Place will ensure people with behavioral, intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have access to the supports they need to live a fruitful life.

Our Values

  • Charity’s Place works toward ensuring that all people have the fundamental moral, civil, and constitutional rights and opportunities to live, learn, work, play, and worship in communities of their choosing.
  • Charity’s Place is an organization of, by, and for people with behavioral, intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Charity’s Place will lead with integrity and accountability through open, honest, and timely communication.
  • Charity’s Place will work with individuals, organizations, and coalitions in a collaborative fashion. 
  • Charity’s Place values partnerships with volunteers and staffing leadership at all levels of the organization that provides mutual support for their respective roles.
  • Charity’s Place works toward and believes the community is imperative.
  • Charity’s Place values diverse leadership and membership. Our concept of diversity includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, age, socio-economic status, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender, family status, and level of disability.
  • Members and employees of Charity’s Place promote our Mission and Core Values with integrity and accountability. 
  • Charity’s Place conducts our business according to the highest ethical standards.

Charity's Place Founder

Charity’s Place owner and operator, Charity White has worked with intellectual and developmentally disabled youth and adults for many years in Southern California. In 2001, Charity’s Place founder gave birth to her daughter at 24 weeks gestational age. As a result, her now adult daughter had suffered from developmental and intellectual disabilities throughout her childhood. Charity devoted her entire life to ensure her daughter had the resources to thrive in her personal life and education. As a testament to Charity’s dedication to ensuring her daughter received the support needed to be a viable individual; to date her daughter is persevering through college and aspires to be a pediatric physician specializing in premature care.
Further, Charity previously volunteered as a caregiver and mentor at a board and care in Los Angeles, California in the early 2000’s and was given a management position to lead the operational and marketing functions of the business, as well as assist the individuals placed in the home to achieve their service plan goals.
In September 2008, Charity also founded We Care Youth Home, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing care and resources to delinquent youth and is responsible for nearly every aspect of the organization at hand. Moreover, in 2017, Charity contracted with the California Mentor Network, as a certified mentor for the developmentally disabled and opened her home to various developmentally disabled individuals, who needed care, as it related to their individual needs and service plans.
Lastly, Charity is equipped with a maters of science degree in public administration and is certified in a plethora of trainings which has allowed her to gain expert knowledge, skills and abilities to run a successful supportive living care business and residential facility geared to provide supportive services to mentally, intellectually, and developmentally disabled adults.

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