Charity’s Place Respite Services

Charity’s Place offers temporary relief through our trained and experienced staff to those who are caring for family members or individuals and need temporary relief for time off for a variety of reasons.

The importance of respite care.

Providing various care to any individual whether family or client requires time, skill, and patience. Charity’s Place acknowledges the importance for all permanent caregivers to have the time to regroup and take time away from their regular duties so he or she can continue the best care possible for the person in their care.

Who provides respite care at Charity’s Place?

Respite services are provided by our qualified and trained professionals either in the home of the client or in an approved state licensed host home.

What is provided through Charity’s Place respite care?

Respite care varies depending on the client and the needs of the client. Charity’s Place will implement the same program and support rendered by the permanent support person and or family member. Charity’s Place will implement and has the capabilities to provide a plethora of support to each respite client. Please inquire for specific questions on supports rendered.

How much is respite care services at Charity’s Place?

Respite care is provided at a specific rate or negotiated rate deemed appropriate and or approved per the client’s level of care.